“If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed.”

John 8:31



Refuge Youth Ministry is centered upon the love of Jesus Christ.  We study the Bible to learn more about the depth of that love for us.   Rather than chasing false ideas in a world that denies Love’s true picture—God, sending his Son to save a world that is against him—we immerse ourselves in the glory of knowing Jesus Christ.  Sunday mornings and Thursday nights are designed to suit up the minds of the youth by teaching Christ, His message, and how His Spirit can change us.  On Sunday nights, we allow the youth to study the Bible themselves and offer training in understanding and applying the Word. We encourage all Junior High and High School students to dive into the opportunity of growing together in our love for Jesus.



Attending your local youth group can serve as a major spiritual nourishment to strengthen your walk with God. In our Refuge Youth Ministry, we separate the youth from their parents allowing their faith to become their own.  Since our meetings consist of Junior High and High School students, they have a chance to share God’s love with one another.  We teach and study the Bible at each event and try to create an atmosphere of having fun by hanging out and enjoying the work that God is doing in our lives.  We have dinner together once a month before youth group meets.