“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

Mark 16:15


As a church, our heart is to share the Good News with all who would listen locally and abroad. In our short history, we’ve been given opportunities all over the world to share Jesus and advance His Kingdom.  We’ve sent teams all throughout Eastern Europe, Malaysia, Mexico, Ghana and South Africa to encourage the local churches and missionaries, construct buildings, and share Jesus with the locals.  We’ve taught ESL classes here in Elk Grove and sent teams to local homeless shelters to teach Jesus.  Some of these opportunities were for a brief season while others are continuing to flourish, like in Ghana.



Calvary Chapel Bible School, Ghana

In 1999, feeling called to serve in West Africa, we sent a small team to pray and ask for guidance and an open door.  We found one in Ghana where a local missionary from Togo, named Donne shared our same heart for the local people.  Check out these videos of Donne as he shares how he began his ministry in Ghana.


After sharing Jesus with a number of villages throughout the area and watching thousands accept Jesus, we quickly saw a need for local pastors and churches to support these new communities of believers. In 2000, with Calvary Chapel Vero Beach, the Lord provided for us to open a Bible training school in Pepease, Ghana where the Bible is taught, from Genesis to Revelation, to locals who feel called into ministry.  The year-long training is free for the students.  Below are pictures of the school buildings and students during a reunion.



Since then, over a thousand students, at least one from each country in West Africa, have studied the Bible from cover to cover.  Churches have been planted in Dbongo, Zabila, Soliga, Bongo, Burkina Faso and in villages all throughout the region.


Currently, the school is continuing to thrive and new churches are being planted. Donne is assisting a team open a similar Bible Training School in the country of Togo. We are also working on making our teaching materials more accessible to the locals by translating them into French.  Pray that God continues to lead and provide.



As we continue to follow Jesus, we wait on Him to open new doors to share Jesus Christ in our community and throughout the world.  We are excited to see where He will lead us next!